Gigs this Weekend

Friday, I'll have a brief spot playing for the Neighborhood Music School's winter dance concert. This starts at 7PM. The dance itself is called Hubba Bubba (I think) after the gum, which should give you some idea of what a troupe of young modern dancers can do with such images. It's actually quite cool, and I've crafted a semi-composed piano solo to accompany the piece, called "Xylitol."

Later that night, a big spectacle of the NHIC at Cafe 9, with the Brett Bottomley Group in some configuration, Mayhem Circus Electric and the Elm City Guitar Quartet +3. We'll be attempting to renavigate some pieces from Crash, and try a few new ones too. I've become about as zen as I can about playing acoustically amongst 4 electric guitars but there will be a PA at least. It promises to be a raucous set and the press has seemed to enjoy the NHIC live and on record in the recent months.

On Saturday my trio Broadcloth will perform. We've put a lot of work in between this gig and our last, and we'll be playing some fun new compositions in addition to some free improv. We'll be playing two sets and will be accompanied by two guests in the second set (Steve Zieminski on percussion and Gabriel BolaƱos Chamorro on guitar). The first set will include the debut of a new electro-acoustic composition in spectral music by Chamorro written especially for Broadcloth. $5, starts at 8PM, at Audubon Strings, a room full of violins, violas and cellos and one composition by Bontrager plans to take maximal advantage of that fact. Hoorah.


A Declaration

A Declaration
I have often spent a lot of time, effort and brainpower into musical ideas that never make it past the conceptual stage, most often because of lack of resources or know-how - and sometimes a good idea just takes to the backburner because what seems like a better idea is at the forefront of my consciousness at the moment. Case in point - An Historic's full length record, "Ephemeral Stampede", has been written and arranged almost completely for the better part of last year, and the only thing that's stopped me from taking the album past the level of complete pen-and-paper abstraction has been the fact that I'd decided some time ago that I was going to record it in a nice studio. Obviously I don't make enough money to manage this, and the economy has made this less, not more likely since that decision was made; so some odds and ends, pieces of harmonies, chord progressions and lyrics have been sitting around, physically or digitally, waiting to be engaged again...

So finally, on Sunday, I got sick of that. Even though, as usual, I'm up to my ears in various projects right now, I decided that I'm going to self-record and release demos of most of the songs, so that they exist in some tangible form, even if only to serve as a placeholder for a future session. The first tune I did (which is nearly complete) is Ephemerer Ansturm, the title track of the album (only in German...) At the height of its activity, I had 12 tunes lined up for this project, 10 original and two traditional (including Brother, Can You Spare a Dime which I've recorded before), with something resembling flashy arrangements or the closest equivalent my abilities can provide. Details forthcoming, but this will probably exist as a CDR, and maybe, just maybe, if someone likes the demos enough to send a couple grand my way, these will be redone at a later date, somewhat closer to the way they were originally conceived. Expect updates and an MP3 quite soon.


Upcoming Performances and Broadcloth Audio @ Myspace

Gearing up now for a flurry of performances in the next few weeks, then a brief vacation, then a bunch more after that.

Saturday, January 16th:

The semi-annual NHIC review will be happening at Neverending Books, with two sets and two different groups. I'll be in the second set. Starts at 8-ish, with admission by donation, etc.

Friday, January 29th:

with the Elm City Guitar Quartet +3. CD release party for Crash at Cafe 9. Everything starts at 10 with the Brett Bottomley Group (Brett plays marvelous things on the Chapman stick, and is an NHIC affiliate.) At 11, the ECGQ +3 will be reunited for some raucous rock-ish fun, and at midnight, Mayhem Circus Electric will perform some weird grooves (just don't call it fusion) with some guests, and minus keyboardist Nate Trier.

Satuday, January 30th:

Broadcloth will perform two sets at Audubon Strings in New Haven, CT - one solo, and one with some guests. Details forthcoming, but it's in a room full of stringed instruments, and hey isn't resonance neat? New track from my Myspace player is from our debut gig. (http://www.myspace.com/adammatlock)

Sunday, February 7th:

Broadcloth will perform a set at ABC no RIO for the COMA (Citizens Ontological Music Agenda) series, a long-running improvised music series in NYC. We'll do a set, another group TBA will do a set, and then there'll be an open jam that everyone will likely participate in, so bring an instrument if you're around.

Friday, February 12th:

An Historic. Some kind of acoustic show at the Elm City Infoshop/NEB. It's all very nebulous, really.

Sunday February 28th:

Broadcloth will perform a set at The Stone in NYC, holy shxt I know right? $10, 8PM.

Tuesday, March 2nd:
An Historic, The Book Slave and Feral Flowers support touring Nova Scotians Mogli and Fairy Boy and the Official Suckers for an acoustic punk-ish show - a really diverse and talented lineup - at Elm City Infoshop/NEB. Details/flyer forthcoming.

And breathe...


Lyrics from My Czerny

yeah, that's right, people post lyrics and stuff don't they?

Briefest Eye:
Can I confide in you/ Loose threads on all my seams
Tell all my troubles to you/ if that is what you please
there's no need for concern/ I will survive this phase
but all I have these days/ is worry

About the war machine/ God and guns and government
the will that claims it's heaven-sent/and the victims on the television news
but if I choose/ two channels down
there's actors paid never to frown

Ain't got it bad/this storm will pass
Ain't got it bad/didn't finish last

I'm sure my day will come/when I get my reward
I'm sure if I was drowning/ I would get dragged aboard
I don't think I've been wronged/ don't feel I've been deceived
but for some good news I would be relieved

Ain't got it bad/this storm will pass
Ain't got it bad/ didn't finish last

Four stools down you spill your drink on the man
he cries angry, runs at the streetlights
to demonstrate scorn, the bar stands in unison
the mood is tense, I creep for the door
I just want you to take me away
but the hope's not enough,
it's not enough

If we could hitchhike together
we'd get far, I swear we'd get far
to the north or the west, wherever the trucks go
we'll find others, make them drop everything
if you'd spilled your drink on me
but the hope's not enough,
it's not enough

If this plan doesn't work I'll take responsibility
buy us bus tickets home, or maybe we'll find a car
drive out to nowhere and hunt for our food
but I'm getting ahead this is all presupposing that
I was the one that you'd spilled your drink on
but the hope's not enough
it takes a little more
the hope's not enough, it's not enough.


Excuse me
I'm still in this city
Ignored all the warnings
Instead thought that I'd sit here pretty
and cry to myself
as I tried not to drown
It was a spell of bad planning,
I thought If I strapped in
I'd easily manage to
wait out the worst of the
storm that took the crown

It all went downhill from there
You'd better believe I was underprepared
for the sheer isolation you can't overcome
when your only friend is a gallon of rum

I needed to eat but instead I ignored it
I tried to sleep but got no reprieve for it
If I'd left to go somewhere welcome and warm
then it wouldn't be me and this storm

Swore that I'd never get stuck here again
but it's just a cycle
It's just a cycle
and now I'm falling in
Wrote my regrets upon my skin

but the lessons that you think you learn from the past don't always sink in

It's been seven
years, lost possessions
some frantic replacements
and chronic obsessions
It was just a storm
But it's one that I'll not soon forget
If I'd the chance to revisit
I'd follow the wise ones
and get while the going was good
no I wouldn't stay
to get my feet wet

But it's easy now to look back
easier still not to cut yourself slack
when you find- yourself at a fork in the road
and the path that you choose has eroded

These voices say nothing that I want to hear
but somehow they know just what - I - fear
I can drink one more glass, they'll continue to moan
I can get it together or die here alone

Somehow I've found myself back here again
I know it's a cycle
it's just a cycle
but the walls are paper thin
to disengage would be a sin

But the gift of hindsight never benefits
you when you need it
and a life can be forgotten when you
can't see past your shroud

and the lessons that you think you learn

(Not like you're gonna steal my crappy words but it's protected under a creative commons non-commercial, attribution share-alike license, so just ask.)