New Performance Video and Video Tag

Below is the video from a live performance last weekend in Hadley, MA. It is the first recording of this song which has existed in more or less the same form since September of last year. I'm posting this to bring attention to the "video" label which will allow me to get away with the idea of not updating the videos page for awhile. Click through to find any video I've posted just in the main blog.


Upcoming Broadcloth Shows

Broadcloth is playing two upcoming gigs this January.

The first is in New Haven at 756 Chapel (guess the address!) this Friday, January 13th, starting at 8PM.

Broadcloth wil play alongside Jeffrey Young, Paul Pinto, and Gelsey Bell from ThingNY. Each will perform solo sets as described below, and the night will conclude with group improv:

Jeffrey Young (of thingNY) presents a new set of alternatively energetic and meditative work for violin, voice, and live electronics. Young is a composer and violinist from Brooklyn, NY who specializes in experimental classical and rock music.


Blending lo-fi noise with minimalism, Paul Pinto (of thingNY) gives the New Haven premiere of For Stefanos Tsigrimanis, a haunting and meditative elegy scored for two Califone turntables, guitar, voice and electronics.


Gelsey Bell (of thingNY) presents Tom Swafford’s one-woman distilled opera “This is the Real Me,” which Bell helped develop. Bell is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and scholar.

The second is on January 21st, being called the Chaos Academy Improv Night, at Home Audio, 132 St James Place, Brooklyn, NY, starting around 9 pm. The night will feature short sets from Ellwood Epps, trumpet, Montreal
(http://www.ellwoodepps.blogspot.com/), Flandrew Fleisenberg, percussion, Boston (http://lifeoffleisenberg.blogspot.com/), Sean Ali, bass, Queens
(http://seanali.tumblr.com/), Jeffrey Young, violin, Brooklyn (http://jeffrey-young.com/), Mara Mayer, bass clarinet, Brooklyn,
(http://maramayermusic.com/), in addition to a set from us. There will be various forms of improvised interaction between all of the performers as well. Entry with donation.

Down the line, we return to The Stone on February 18th, performing the 10PM set. Performing at 8:00 is String Surprise, a quartet put together by Al Margolis and featuring Broadcloth cellist Nathan Bontrager. Stay tuned for details on that gig.


An Historic Live on 2.3.12

Don't ask me how it is I decided on the date. It was an arbitrary choice that seemed pleasing to my eyes when written out.

On 2.3.12, An Historic Live, the first ever public document of the trio I've been working with, will be released for P.W.Y.C. download!

The trio features Brian Slattery on Violin and Carl Testa on Bass Viol, and is an ideal grouping to work with in terms of tweaking the initial arrangements I've come up with for some of these tunes. In other cases, they're providing me with the chance to hear some of the tunes aloud as I've heard them all along in my head. It helps a great deal to have worked with Brian and Carl in various contexts before beginning to work with them on An Historic material, so I feel as though we are able to talk about arrangement details without over-discussing them, and making the arrangements too clinical. I am very pleased with the result, which is a complete live set from December 10th, 2011. The 7 tunes on this release span the entire An Historic songbook, from the earliest tunes to some yet-to-be-recorded ones.

Save the date, clear up some bandwidth in advance, whatever you gotta do! I will post samples and album art as the date approaches.


New An Historic video!

The first ever An Historic music video. I shot and edited the thing myself (no one who actually knows anything about "film" or "filming" should have to take "credit" for this). The song is called "Is it Warm," and the release of the video is in anticipation of the upcoming cassette EP, "Seicremllams," out this Spring. The release will also be available digitally. Stay tuned here for more details!

Also, shows this Wednesday and Friday. Check out the sidebar for more info.

Happy New Year!