Broadcloth Awakens!!

Broadcloth has technically been on hiatus for the past few months; although we all performed in several concerts together (notably with Carl Testa and guitarist Ben Shirley performing Shirley’s compositions, and with vocalist Kyoko Kitamura on a different bill), and did one recording session in order to continue tracking the ever-impending full length album, we hadn’t performed as Broadcloth since the end of June.

All this is about to change. As Nathan will be leaving for Europe in November, and we’re all extraordinarily busy with varying events including the Energies, Ideas, Intuitions Festival at Roulette between October 5-8, performing the music of Anthony Braxton (more info at: http://www.roulette.org/events/upcoming.php), we’ve only got a few dates on the horizon, but hopefully more soon.

First is this weekend, October 1st, at The Home Of in Gowanus. (http://www.thehomeof.org). This will be our second visit to curator/saxophonist Edward Schneider’s Holidays for the Future series which focuses on new and experimental music as well as improvisation. This is part of a two day mini-fest (day 2 is at 16 Beaver St in Manhattan, which will also feature Anne and Nathan along with other improvisers.) Our first time there was a blast and produced one of our best sets (audio available at http://thehomeof.org/holidays-for-the-future-4), and we are excited to return!

The next will be on November 2nd, as the debut installment of another arm of the Uncertainty Series, happening at the Elm Bar in New Haven, CT. Details surrounding start time are still nebulous but we’ll have them as we get them.

More as we hear it!

Miscellaneous events in the next few weeks

*note: for ease of navigation, I've decided to do organize updates by project, instead of trying to cram everything into a single update. Hopefully this will mean smaller, less unwieldy updates, happening more regularly*

The Miscellaneous tag will be used for anything not connected to An Historic, Broadcloth or Dr. Caterwauls, the most active working groups I'm involved in at the moment. This is a formatting experiment, so please let me know if it's a terrible decision.

On October 2nd, I'll be performing with the Afro-Semitic Experience again at the West Haven I Wage Peace Walk. The walk and our set begins around 3PM - we'll be playing on the boardwalk, weather permitting, and if not, we'll be set up in St. John Vianney, at 300 Captain Thomas Blvd in West Haven.

October 7th, I'm EXTREMELY thrilled to be performing in the debut performance of the Ghost Trance Choir, which will be singing the music of Anthony Braxton as part of a 4 day festival called Energies, Ideas, Intuitions that is happening at the new Roulette space. That night will also see a performance of the 12+3tet, and the whole festival will feature some orchestra music, a new system incorporating voice, instruments and movement called Pine Top Aerial Music, and the debut of acts I and III of the new opera Trillium J, which will be accompanied by a 35 piece orchestra. Suffice to say that there is an incredible amount of energy going into the organization of this festival and if early rehearsals are any indication, it will pay off massively.

On November 12th, I will be involved in a composition recital of local friend and colleague Nate Trier. He is writing two pieces specifically for this occasion and I am very excited to be premiering them for him.

Stay tuned for opera updates - Brian, the librettist, and I have been having some great talks about the story/content, and I am excited to take the next step past the sketches I've been working on already. More to come!

Upcoming Dr. Caterwauls Events

*note: for ease of navigation, I've decided to do organize updates by project, instead of trying to cram everything into a single update. Hopefully this will mean smaller, less unwieldy updates, happening more regularly*

Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps has three upcoming performances, one of which I won't be involved in (we've done plenty of shows short a member before, no worries).

The first is THIS FRIDAY, September 30th, at the Outer Space in Hamden. We will be joined by vocalist Arminda Thomas and guitarist Jonny Rodgers, playing a set of early swing, and looking sharp. The rehearsals for this set have gone really well - it's going to be a ton of fun, and we would be awfully disappointed if no one danced.

(I can't seem to find info about the one in between, as that's happening while I'm on tour. However, it'll be for a tasting of some kind. whoops.)

The last, is Friday, October 21st, and is happening at Lyric Hall. For this , Dr. Caterwaul's will be joined by The Cygnet Sisters, vocalists Anne Rhodes and Zohra Rawling. Together we'll be affectionally deconstructing some classical repertoire, ranging from Mozart to Kurt Weill. There will be light fare and beverages included as part of the ticket price - further details on this event TBA.

Later we'll be playing at the Outer Space again, opening for Andru Bremis. That date is November 30th, and details will be confirmed for that later as well!