When suddenly, you must be restored + subscriptions

Today, (2/23/15), I've released "When suddenly, you must be restored" under the name Gzara (formerly known as G. Zarapanecko). The album is a long time in the making - two tracks were recorded in the summer of 2012, and the rest were recorded and completed between December '14 - January '15. It's hard to say what, if any, future this project has, but for the time being I'm proud of this work and the work I've done with it in the past. It's available for $5 on my Bandcamp Page. (Note the different URL for my bandcamp page: http://anhistoricmusic.bandcamp.com)

Lys Guillorn, a colleague and friend in the wide world of Connecticut songwriting, interviewed me recently for the webzine Lonesome Noise. You can check out the interview HERE, where we talking a bit about this album as well as the progress of An Historic.

Appropos of nothing, here's an ask: Bandcamp has started offering a subscription feature, and I'm taking advantage of it. For $20 a year, you'll have access to everything I've ever released, plus easy access to anything else I put out (like today's release) through the Bandcamp app. Consider it a way of investing in my development as an artist. At the moment, there is some subscriber-exclusive content available - my daily practice includes a 10-minute solo improvisation every morning, and I'm uploading the best two of them per week into an ongoing album. If nothing else, you can think of them as evidence of the work I do outside of releases and live shows - and in the future, subscriber-exclusive content will also include live shows from various projects, works in progress, and music videos.

OK that's all for now. I've got a TON of shows coming up including appearances with brilliant MC Ceschi Ramos, and Orkestar BAM, the Yale Balkan music group. Take a look to the right for a recently-updated list!


Winter Updates

Trudging along. Naturally it is much easier to forget clerical work during the winter, at least for me. So here's a long overdue, and probably too-brief update.

On February 23rd, I'm releasing "When suddenly you must be restored" by Gzara. It's a 5 song EP of instrumental music touching on ambient, folk, jazz, black metal and noise in varying facets, recorded in two sessions - first in July of 2012, and then in December of 2014. This project has been on more or less of a hiatus since early 2011, with the exception of a handful of live performances and the aforementioned recordings, and for the sake of transparency I have to say I'm honestly not sure what future recordings under the name will hold. As a companion to this release, I recorded a drone improvisation on solo accordion, set to video of a blizzard in progress. You can watch it here if you want. Audio will be included as a bonus in the purchase of the album.

Other than that, the performances bar has been updated through to April, and there are a few things pending that I'm pretty excited about too. Take a look at the Accordion Covers page for several updates I've made in the new year as well!