Winter Updates

Trudging along. Naturally it is much easier to forget clerical work during the winter, at least for me. So here's a long overdue, and probably too-brief update.

On February 23rd, I'm releasing "When suddenly you must be restored" by Gzara. It's a 5 song EP of instrumental music touching on ambient, folk, jazz, black metal and noise in varying facets, recorded in two sessions - first in July of 2012, and then in December of 2014. This project has been on more or less of a hiatus since early 2011, with the exception of a handful of live performances and the aforementioned recordings, and for the sake of transparency I have to say I'm honestly not sure what future recordings under the name will hold. As a companion to this release, I recorded a drone improvisation on solo accordion, set to video of a blizzard in progress. You can watch it here if you want. Audio will be included as a bonus in the purchase of the album.

Other than that, the performances bar has been updated through to April, and there are a few things pending that I'm pretty excited about too. Take a look at the Accordion Covers page for several updates I've made in the new year as well!

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