February 18th

Dr. Caterwauls will be playing an hour-long set, partially backing up the Cygnet Sisters, this Saturday, February 18th at the Acoustic Cafe, as part of the Black Rock Rocks day-long Mardi Gras festival. We hit at 2:00 PM (note the early time).

Anne, Nathan and I will scatter on to NY for a Broadcloth gig, later that evening. We'll be performing at The Stone in NYC at 10PM, performing a set including my chamber opera "Mere Distractions" and Anne's recently finished "Book One," an embroidered score for the group.

Nathan will be playing in the earlier set, an improvisational string quartet assembled by Al Margolis on Violin and featuring Julianne Carney on violin and James Ilgenfritz on bass.

A busy, but worthwhile day. I'll have a bit of downtime after that, gearing up for March.

More to come.


Stream the new "An Historic Live"

There ya have it. You can click through to download for free or donation. All money funds future recording and releases, getting people with, y'know, visual talent to do the art, and what not.

I've also just received the duplicated tapes for the upcoming Seicremllams EP. Looking like an April release, and once I get the art I'll set up a pre-order on my bandcamp page.

More news forthcoming.