Folk Routes profile

I have less use for Myspace now than I ever had, and thanks to this new project called Folk Routes, that amount diminishes daily.

Folk Routes is being described as an Anarchist networking and distribution syndicate - i.e. no ads, less bullshit, less legal grey-area. Right now it is a small group of folks in the northeastern US and the east coast of Canada (with a few exceptions) but who knows where it could end up? In the mean time, it's a great place for like-minded musicians to host music, videos, album downloads, etc in a centralized place. I will still of course be maintaining this blog and trying to figure out a balance between what goes here and there will take some work but it is an exciting new project and I am quite stoked about it. Also, my profile there has a sneak preview of a new song from the upcoming Cutoff split with Cud on it!


(the profile just says An Historic but you will be able to find info about G. Zarapanecko and other of my projects there too.)


Little Black Dots on the Air

The new full length album from G. Zarapanecko, Little Black Dots on the Air, is scheduled to be released December 30th, 2010. Album will be released for now on my Bandcamp page with physical formats to follow.

Little Black Dots on the Air is the third release from G. Zarapanecko. In addition to previous elements of modern composition, ambient and improvised music, the new full length employs ideas from drone, noise and jazz, reflecting the experience of recent live performances: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BgsK8l_8S4 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR9lD0ogsWg). Tying the ideas together is a deeply paranoid atmosphere driving all manner of the composing, structuring and performing of each layer of the album.

The album follows the course of a loosely structured narrative about small scale astronomical events within the earth's atmosphere, compromising the earth's relationship with the sun. The earth stretches orbit and axis, dead weight in the solar system, while on earth, faint singularities recondition human beings like so much circutry. But this is not a concept album, merely a reaction.

First two G. Zarapanecko albums - full length "Zaratozom and Magnus" and e.p. "Glitterdämmerung" available at http://gzarapanecko.bandcamp.com