12/27 Show Location Changed, Cankickers added

Due to an unlikely coincidence our little show grow out of the Infoshop. The Can Kickers were due to play another show that night that got canceled when the series' booker was sacked. (Bummer too, the Sundazed at BAR series brought some of the widest range of fringe music New Haven has to offer...)

So the folks in charge of this show contacted them about combining the two shows, and they agreed. The flier time is still 5:30 and the location is the Fucking Discovery Zone, which will be temporarily heated by space heater and whiplash punks for the sake of fingers not arthritically impaired by cold...

So, to review:

5:30 PM
An Historic
Mark Leonard
Mike Bird
Filthy Still

Fucking Discovery Zone.
Vegan Potluck.
Donations for touring bands.

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