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Recent-er things.
I've just finished recording and mixing my half of an intended split with Cud Eastbound. We find ourselves kin in strange and apocalyptic lyrics, and instead of being paralyzed by fear we decided to work with it to some common end. All these tunes are on piano with some occasional weird production effects, but I was trying to keep it simple before the next, fully arranged thing, which is still untitled but as before is almost fully arranged and completed months before any plans to record it solidify...

G. Zarapanecko is going live, on occasion, first at the August Uncertainty Music Series, as a joint set with Carl Testa, along with a set by A Split Psyche, and later Popeye's Garage on the 19th of August. This will also mark the only show of my group with Nathan Bontrager and Gabriel BolaƱos, the Blackthorn Cataclysm, which is a strange and unique variety of rock-based improv. Everyone plays drums at some point. G. Zarapanecko is hard at work on some collaborations (collAberrations?) with some local noise artists, with results to be recorded or performed some time soonish - stay tuned for updates.

Finally, the debut disc from The Erasmus Quintet, recorded live in performance at Firehouse 12, has been released, and is available for download and ordinary purchase here:http://music.nhic-records.com/album/erasmus-quintet-serious-folly. The Erasmus Quintet has had some neat things said about it by the press - my take is Steve Reich on potent hallucinogens, a variously demented, driving and energetic drumless ride through the inner-workings of counterpoint. Also released on NHIC records is another group recorded that same night, Mayhem Circus Electric, featuring a strong core of the NHIC performing original compositions in the vein of better funk-influenced jazz-fusion. (less with the watery synths, more with the jittery rhythm section.)

More to come, as always.

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