New Albums and video!

I'm pleased to announce the release of G. Zarapanecko's "Little Black Dots on the Air," officially released December 31st 2010. The album contains six noisy, drone-y ambient tracks, and one bonus track - a cover of the Sigh song "Nietzschean Conspiracy" done in raw black metal form. Find that HERE.

I've also just finished (yeah, like, just now) the "promo video" or what have you for Decade Orbit, from the new album. Shot over the period of several weeks on various borrowed cameras and compiled into an abstract visual narrative to accompany the song. This is my first such endeavor with video in general (not counting two "short films" for a high school language class) let alone a music video but I think the images do justice to the music. In addition to the Bonus track and high quality art, the video will be included as part of the bonus package. The album is free but if you have a few bucks to spare consider contributing a few for the release.

If you've already downloaded the album and you want to have a file of the video, please email me and we can set something up. Also check it out here:

I also recently released a recording of a live set from last May, featuring Steve Asetta, Nathan Bontrager, Anne Rhodes and Carl Testa in a series of improv structures. Results were quite good, I think, and worth a listen for an example of some fine acoustic improvisation with some real energy to it but full of the fluidity of an acoustic ensemble. Find that one HERE.

And a happy new year to everyone!

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