A Brief Look Forward - EDITED

(someone who proofreads a lot better than I do mentioned that it looked from the previous post as though Dr. Caterwaul's was breaking up. this is definitely not the case.)

As July has basically snuck up on me, here is a brief rundown of the gigs I’ve got coming up in the next week weeks.

July 1st – this Friday the month begins with a proper Dr. Caterwaul’s quartet show at the Acoustic CafĂ© in Bridgeport. We’re sharing the bill with Dada Mr. and the Diana Wayburn Ensemble. – things get going at 9 PM.

July 2nd is a Dr. Caterwaul’s trio gig at the Outer Space – Mike won’t be joining us as his reggae band, I Anbassa, will be opening for Steel Pulse at Toad’s Place in New Haven. Not to put too many thoughts into your heads, but you can totally make both sets without incurring a reckless endangerment charge. Due to various reasons this will be the last official Dr. Caterwaul’s show until mid August, although look to your local farmer's markets and street corners for a bit of busking between now and then. Some of us for certain will be around July 9th at the Wooster Square Farmer's Market, and more of us will be around July 17th at the Edgewood Farmer's Market. Should be grand.

July 3rd will be a new thing entirely for me. I am sitting in for this date with the Afro Semitic Experience, the group co-led by David Chevan and Warren Byrd that culls from spiritual music of both Jewish and African American Gospel traditions, throwing in a healthy bit of jazz. This will be a somewhat rare gig for me playing straight ahead jazz, but filling in for a pianist in this context is going to be fun and challenging. The other date is July 27th, in Hadley, MA, with details forthcoming.

July 9th – I’m pleased to be playing in a small ensemble put together by guitarist Ben Shirley for his Uncertainty Series date for the month of July. The ensemble comprises, at various points, myself on accordion, Carl Testa on Bass, Anne Rhodes on voice, and Nathan Bontrager on Cello as well as Ben on Guitar – Ben will also be performing duets with each of us as part of his presentation. Ben is a person I have enjoyed playing with immensely in every context thus far and his pieces make the most of the guitarist-perspective that I find can very nicely inform harmonic language, and can make harmonic progressions that are idiomatic to approach on other instruments.

July 14th is looking to be a solo An Historic gig at the New Haven Free Store – all proceeds raised will go to benefit the New Haven Bike Collective, which has had a strange history in the city but now is finally at a point where its existence will enable low-income folks to build and repair bicycles, which I am always in support of.

The rest of the month is forthcoming, and in many cases, not even fully pinned down yet. More to come!

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