I've been very glad to participate in several other projects outside of the most active 3-5 (at any given time), and a few have been or will be documented in some capacity before the end of the year. Chronologically:

I recorded a track with Elan O'Neal for his Old Forgotten Lands project, contributing throat singing, accordion and recorder to an epic ambient/dark folk track. The new Old Forgotten Lands album, "Primal," will be released later this year on Hypnotic Dirge Records. Elan and I talked about collaborating pretty much the whole time he lived in New Haven, given how similar our musical instincts are, and I was glad to finally do something before he left the city.

I contributed some Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and an accordion solo to Sigh's upcoming album "In Somniphobia." This will be coming out in November of 2011. I am very pleased to be again doing some spot recording for Sigh - I also contributed the same instruments to the orchestral palatte of 2010's "Scenes from Hell," and they are using those sounds to even creepier effect, complementing the keyboards/guitars/sax/bass/drums core lineup of the group. It was a great pleasure to get into the mind of Mirai Kawashima (frontman and composer) hearing drafts and demos of the tunes as they were taking shape.

I also recorded some doomy accordion for Mountain Wasp's upcoming split with Story. This will possibly be out (self-released) by October for our mini-tour. A future post will go into more detail about the mini tour - stay tuned!

Finally, the Atlas grouping of the NHIC that performed and recorded last year will be gearing up for the release of that material. Details TBA but it will probably be out by the end of this year. on NHIC Records.

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