Upcoming Events

First off, two exciting bits of news:

I had a proposal for a short opera accepted by the Baltimore based company Rhymes With Opera, to be performed in the summer of 2012. I'm excited to announce that the libretto will be written by Brian Slattery, who seems to get himself stuck on the same narrative questions I do, which has made for some intriguing conversations about the plot and structure of the piece. More details on that as they emerge.

I will also, next February, be working on a trio composed by Terran Olsen of the bands Kayo Dot and Autumn Tears. I have frequently enjoyed the chance to work with composers (as in my own composition) the possibility of integrating the accordion into an ensemble, and this will allow me to continue that to some degree. Terran will also be playing clarinet for the piece and Toby Driver, Terran's bandmate and the composer for Kayo Dot will play bass guitar.

Then, some upcoming shows -

I'm very excited to play with Dr. Caterwaul's twice before our mini-tour begins - once tonight, on the New Haven Register's "Register Sessions" at 6:00PM tonight (http://www.newhavenregister.com), and once tomorrow at Cafe Nine in New Haven, opening for the Fishtank Ensemble at 9:00 PM. Our mini-tour begins either in Philly on Thursday or New York on Friday, depending on a few factors. Look here or the facebook page for updates.

This weekend is the Uncertainty Series mini-festival. Many great folks are involved including on Friday locals Nathan Bontrager and Ben Shirley in a string quartet with Al Margolis and James Ilgenfritz, and Bird Fly Yellow with Joe Moffett, Dan Blacksberg and Dave Flaherty. That night I'll be doing a duo with Carl Testa, and we're both quite pleased with how we're helping to realize each other's compositions. On Saturday I'll be performing a short solo set alongside a set by Nathan Bontrager and a duo set between Anne Rhodes and Kyoko Kitamura.
Finally at the end of the month, An Historic plays with World History and Real Live Tigers, both intriguing songwriters playing in a scaled back fashion. The date for that is August 26th.

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