Gebrauchsmusik Release!

Today marks the small, mostly unheralded digital release of "Gebrauchsmusik" the short collection of music I've written for dance over the last three years. Developed simultaneously with works by dancer Judie Clark and her students, these pieces represent an extremely wide sonic framework, from full electronic/keyboard pieces to electro-acoustic processing, solo piano (and sometimes clarinet) to (synthesized) ensemble pieces. The other thing they all have in common is being recorded very quickly, with the final leap from sketch to arrangement being made in the recording process, allowing some unfussed-with good ideas to slip through to the final product (as well as some outright glaring mistakes). I have learned a lot from the work done on these over the past few years, and I hope some of that comes across in this collection.

Check it out HERE, free to stream and download (although you have the option to donate if you wish.)

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