New School Clothes

No I haven't bought new school clothes yet but I need to before my students notice. But I got


It also didn't help that I planned the release date (August 24th) for a day when I would be on the closest thing to a tour Broadcloth got in this year, making the updating a particular struggle. The following day was the release show, a co-release with Dr. Caterwaul's "Songs of Mirth and Sorrow," since we are in a lot of ways the same band, at the very least on the recordings. Several guest horn players from various New Haven scenes showed up, and we had a big blowout on the final two tunes doing our best to evoke a second line. It was a blast to be sure.

Another (VERY) recent release is a pair of duo albums with tubist Benjamin J Mansavage Klein, compiled from a live session one day and a home recording session the next. The pieces are unedited free improvs, as per the rules of the label, guitarist Christopher Riggs' Holy Cheever Church. Oko Albastru I, a c-30 release, features two sides consisting of one split 20-minute piece and one 10-minute piece. Oko Albastru II, a cd-r, consists of 8 improvisations ranging from 10 minutes to 30 seconds. I have few physical copies of each, and you can also order them from the HCC website.

On the calendar are a few An Historic shows, one on September 20th at Never Ending Books with Radiator King, Fax Holiday and Jacket Thor. The next is over a month later on October 24th in Brooklyn, at a bar called Ange Noir on a series curated by cellist, vocalist, performance artist extraordinary. I'm working on a show the following day, October 25th with Valerie in New Haven, too. Also have a date with Kindred Queer in Brooklyn on October 5th, so stay tuned for more info about all of these things as they approach.

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