Summer Shows

As with last year, this summer threatens to be too busy but so far has been manageable, between my own work and various commitments and jobs and the like. Besides the aforementioned shows with Mario Pavone (the first of which, on June 19th, was a blast and gave me a lot of hope for the rest of them), I've got a few other dates of note on the horizon:

June 30th - (hey that's tomorrow!) An Historic solo, with Jordaan Mason, S. Ayton and Guilt Mountain. This is at Three Sheets in New Haven, starting at 9PM, and is free. I've actually not been to this bar since it changed from being the Elm Bar (it will probably always be called "Old Rudy's" to some New Haveners), but I've been hearing great things from folks that have done shows there, and I have always loved the room no matter what name it was under. All the touring folks have either just released or are gearing up to release killer EPs and I have been enjoying listening to all of them. I'll do some new songs, too.

July 19th - Dr. Caterwauls performs at a block party in partial celebration of Mark Oppenheimer's 40th birthday. Mark is an editor of the New Haven Review, which is, well, kind of the literary version of Dr. Caterwauls if you wanted to really simplify it, and we're glad to be helping him bring in his 4th decade. It's in the Westville neighborhood of New Haven, starting around 6:30ish.

July 23rd - Broadcloth is performing! We'll be glad to see Nathan at least once this year and get this opportunity to play as Broadcloth. The amazing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jen Shyu is also on the bill, doing a solo set of her music, which is always amazing and multifaceted in terms of linguistic and musical influences. The show will be happening at The Big Room in New Haven, at 319 Peck St. Time TBA, and more info as the show approaches.

see you at one or all of them!

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