Much Belatedness

It has been entirely too long since I've updated, proving, I think, that I can't just blame the winter for my poor web-mastering habits. They have been an exceptionally busy 5-6 months - some highlights
include a series of An Historic solo sets scattered between April and August, some audio of which will be appearing online as subscriber bonus content on my Bandcamp page, and the recording and editing of a future full-length release of solo accordion compositions. I've done my best to fill in the holes in the performances page between April and the present, as well as update it through December!

The fall is going to continue to be busy, in a great way. Some highlights are the October 2nd and 3rd release concerts for the upcoming Broadcloth album "In Stitches", at the Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, and Whole G Cafe in New Haven respectively; the October 14th premiere of a yet-untitled composition based on James Baldwin's poem "BALLAD (for Yoran)", presented alongside new works for the same ensemble by Bill Lowe and Taylor Ho Bynum. Those will be
presented in Hartford, CT, at the Wadsworth Atheneum; and some arrangements I'm working on for José Oyola's release party for Hologram, his second full length release, at the College Street Music
Hall on November 7th.

Please check out my Bandcamp page for continuing audio from my Accordion Cover Series (find the video HERE), and for additional bonus content, including another An Historic live set up now.

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