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I think I will have some difficulty maintaining this website to the standard I WANT it to be at, so as of this moment I'm declaring that the front page will be where all the info is. Take a look at the sidebar to the right hand side for upcoming performances, and check this space for details about some of those performances, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about things not covered in those spaces:

One major bit of news is that I have joined the Harris Brothers' Balkan Band as their accordionist. I really enjoy digging into Balkan music in a way that connects with dancing, which is one of the specialties of the brothers, and I have loved every show I've played with them so far.

Upcoming shows:

3/30/17 - Dr. Caterwauls Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps open for the Lost Bayou Ramblers. Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT, 8:00 PM. 
We are SO stoked to be opening for these folks again. The last time I saw them, it was in the proximity of John Coltrane's birthday, and they segued from a Cajun fiddle tune into a blistering rendition of A Love Supreme. It was glorious.

4/2/17 - An Historic plays at The Sunday Buzz @ Cafe Nine. This is a huge show going from Noon to Midnight, and is a benefit for a local Soup Kitchen. I'm on at 2:30 PM, for half an hour.

4/6/17 - Elm Fiction "Score" CD release at Best Video, 7:00 PM. Cretella/Paolucci duo opens. Really excited for this show, featuring a sub-grouping of the New Haven Improvisers Collective. We're performing a piece of mine and of drummer Tom Hogan's from the album, as well as new arrangements of works by David Bowie, Charles Mingus, Olivier Messaien and Tom Waits.

4/8/17 - House Party. I'm playing with Orkestar BAM and the Yale Klezmer Band. more info TBA.

4/9/17 - Always on Sunday International Folk Dance, with The Harris Brothers Balkan Band! Wethersfield, CT. 7-10PM.

4/15/17 - Yale Turkish Student Union Party @ GPCSY Bar, with Orkestar BAM. New Haven, CT. Time TBA.

4/29/17 - Anthony Braxton Septet. Firehouse 12, New Haven CT. 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM.

5/4/17 - Kindred Queer album release show, with Dr. Caterwauls. Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT. 9:00 PM.

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