Year End Roundup

Hi Folks!

While the year is not done for me yet at this point, I am definitely already thinking back over this year and some of the music I was able to get done. Next year will be a very different year for me in terms of output and more on that in a subsequent post, but for now, I’m just glad to have the chance to have so much music documented and released during this year. Several of these releases were recorded in previous years, notably the Anthony Braxton GTM (Syntax) 2017 box set, and my duo record with Chris Cretella on guitar, “Singing and Singing to Keep out the Smell”. Kolessa’s “Fires” was also produced last year, as was the bulk of Mystal Tree’s “New Growth”.

But this year brought a small load of new endeavors, including Dust Seeker, Ghost of Forest, Black Epheria and L.B.R.P. I want to speak about the last one a bit as it was, as far as my dungeon synth work goes, a fairly unusual one in that it was a collaboration. I won’t go into to much detail, but my original material, recorded on 4 track in the course of 2 days, and submitted to Attic Shrines, who released it. But Attic Shrines headquarters, built as it is atop a huge deposit of unpronounceable minerals, is not a kind place to tapes. Something happens to them there - some entity, fascinated with the potentiality of analog media, takes them apart at a molecular level, and reassembles them without great care for accuracy. The result was corrupted, rearranged. Jazz people would say “Teo’d”. It was definitely an intriguing process for me as a composer and one I hope to embark upon again.

Some highlights of the year were getting the chance to perform in the Sonic Genome and at the main stage of the Berlin JazzFest with Anthony Braxton this year. I also got a solid grasp on performing Nahadoth live, which happened four times over the course of the year, including at the first ever multi-day Dungeon Synth festival, the Northeast Dungeon Siege. I performed solo a number of times and that set forth some ways of exploring solo accordion and voice that I will definitely be following up on in the future.

See below for a gallery of album covers. Blogspot seems to want to scramble the order, so I apologize for that. Two more releases will still come out before the year is done.

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