The Dr. Caterwaul's show on March 6th is really shaping up nicely - cellist Nathan Bontrager is writing some interesting material for the 1903 short silent film "Alice in Wonderland," and I'm pretty excited about what I'm writing for the 1909 short "The Doctor's Secret." The program also includes a short set by Dr. Caterwauls, playing quite a few new tunes, and a short set led by Tyler Bussey with Dr. Caterwauls as his backing band. Starts at 7PM on Sunday, March 6th at Lyric Hall in New Haven, CT.

Broadcloth has the dates for our short tour set. As follows:
March 30th - Fire Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 8PM, with Augmented Fourthet, Dan Blacksberg/Julius Masri
March 31st - The Windup Space, Baltimore, MD, 9:30, with Erik Spanger/ Jason Sloan, Three Red Crowns
April 1st - Infantree, Lancaster, PA, time TBA
April 2nd - Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD, 8PM, with Seabrook Power... Plant, Lost Civilizations +2
April 8th - The Big Room, New Haven, CT, 8PM

We've decided to postpone recording until after the tour, which will hopefully allow for an even better turnout. Details forthcoming. In the meantime, we've been sorting through the past year of miscellaneous live recording and will be putting together a compilation with a limited handmade cd run exclusive to tour from some of that material. The compilation will be put on bandcamp for download after the tour is complete.

Gearing up, we've started a Facebook page as a stopgap for something that is more...of everything. "Like" us if you wanna: Broadcloth on the Infernal Machine/Facebook

also check out some of these videos.

It's spring and cross pollination is in the air. I have always liked the idea of hearing the same tune in different formats and instrumentations and for the first time I'm getting the chance to apply that in my own music through various collaborations. This has taken a chart on an incredibly large piece of paper to organize properly and is in fact still in progress, but will have various implications for the future - most significantly the adaptation of various studio G. Zarapanecko pieces into a way that can be performed live. Performing with my duo with Carl Testa and the Erasmus Quintet and doing some semi-regular workshop sessions has enabled this exploration and I am so far pleased with the results. Hopefully I'll have more to say on this soon.

Finally I should mention the Erasmus Quintet has added another date at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown on Friday, May 6th. Time TBA. We'll be gearing up for the date at The Funky Monkey in Cheshire in March 12th soon. In the mean time check out the CD HERE.

ok, that's it for now.

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