Triumph at Lyric Hall

Dr. Caterwaul's show at Lyric Hall was awesome. Technical difficulties led to nerves led to general jitters but all in all it was great fun. We even have a few things to show for it - check out audio of our set HERE and also one of our soundtracks, for Georges Méliés "The Doctor's Secret" which features some music I composed/structured, expertly interpreted by the rest of the band:

I am still planning on doing the same treatment with our soundtrack to Cecil Hepworth's "Alice in Wonderland" but some really weird errors with my computer seem to be blocking this from happening. Soon, hopefully.

We also backed up Tyler Bussey on a set of folk tunes. I was quite enamored of his interpretations, and it is something we hope to do again, as our musical interests bisect at just the right angles that it really makes the collaboration work quite naturally. It also has got us discussing backing up other singers or singer-instrumentalists, with a few especially tantalizing possibilities on the verge of happening. That being said, if you have any inclination to sing your tunes and you want an incredibly smart, talented and goodlooking band to back you up, you should shoot us an email at doctors.caterwaul [at] gmail.com.

Upcoming will be a performance at St. Peter's Episcopal church in Milford, CT, possibly with a special guest, as well as a spot at Jalopy's Debauchery Series, hosted by the Whistlin' Wolves, on 5/20. The series in each of its installments focuses on a particular form or method of moral debasement, and the theme in May is sex; I'll leave it to you to guess which Prince song we're going to try and adapt. Shouldn't be hard.

Upcoming immediately is the return of the Erasmus Quintet. We're playing a set with Nick DiMaria's Zero Dollar Trio on Saturday at The Funky Monkey in Cheshire, CT, and while we've all grown as musicians since our last meeting, that certain je ne sais quoi about the group's identity is still maintained, and stronger than ever. Rehearsals over the last few weeks have been fun and there are some new compositions for the group, including two by myself and one by Nate Trier , musical renaissance man and NHIC affiliate. An upcoming gig on April 15th featuring the Erasmus Quintet also features the debut of Open Spaces, a free jazz group led by Trier. The gig will also feature a large group improv led by Trier, as well as a performance by Steve Asetta's Triolocus, prompting the gig to be branded as the NHIC's first annual Verge Fest, which will hopefully establish a tradition of drawing out some of the more well hidden groups contained within the fold of the NHIC.

Broadcloth is touring awfully soon. More on that in a later post.

At some point soon both Broadcloth and Dr. Caterwaul's are going to be aiming for a proper web site, instead of these stop-gap facebook pages and miscellaneous blog post mentions. I might end up cross posting some things between them if I start getting overwhelmed. Don't worry. I'm not likely to become a spam robot anytime soon.

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