the imminence of tour

Broadcloth, which has a brand spankin new website, is also getting ready to depart on our first ever tour starting Wednesday in Philadelphia. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to bring our act on the road in a highly focused manner, and we'll be playing in New Haven at the Big Room the following Friday, April 8th. It will also be quite nice to be able to take in a bunch of new music in a semi-focused fashion. For the tour we'll have a bunch of new schwag, including business cards, buttons, stickers, and a tour-only hard-copy run of the compilation. There are some interesting possibilities on the horizon, but many too early to say - most intriguing to us is the chance of getting in a few recording sessions after tour, and channeling some of that chemistry in a recording setting. Stay tuned to the Broadcloth website for all that info and updates from the road.

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