It is nice enough outside that I'm spending countless nights sitting on the porch past my bedtime enjoying the two weeks a year when the smell in New Haven is relatively pleasant. There is an enormous flowering tree in the next yard and with the right breeze this rather heavenly aroma is all you can smell. It's a wonder I get anything done...

This is some of the cross pollination I have been ranting about for the past few months:

In which I start to see all compositions as mutable and modular and then slowly lose my sanity. This is the Erasmus Quintet performing a version of "Decade Orbit" from the last G. Zarapanecko record, and was a good dry run for the type of stuff I want to do with a live jazz/electronics group in the future. That project is totally embryonic right now although I have been sketching for it and thinking about it often over the past few months.

Upcoming shows include one I'm super excited about, what will be my last show at the Fucking Discovery Zone ever (the house is drying up at the beginning of June). This will be a milestone in a lot of sentimental ways that I won't go into here, but it will ALSO be an excuse to lure the fucking excellent Birth of Flower down to New Haven - think really mature-sounding insistently dissonant post-punk married with a bit of the Talking Heads. I never grew up listening to Spoonboy or the Max Levine Ensemble and I have heard various levels of enthusiasm about them from people that did, but I'm looking forward to checking it out for myself. And Circle Circle is another project of the prolific Emily Byram from the CT area, although I don't know much more about it.

Also really glad for Dr. Caterwaul's to be returning to Lyric Hall, this time with good friends and cohorts in this vaguely defined folky business Goodnight Blue Moon in tow. May 13th, further details TBA.

Finally G. Zarapanecko rolled over in its sleep, finished and then spat out two old covers onto Soundcloud. Check them out here:
The Brink Ov Time by gzarapanecko

G. Zarapanecko - Secret of the Forest by gzarapanecko

more to come, as always!

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