I've been a longtime fan of Peter Hammill, whether in brooding and introspective songwriter mode or going for more ambitious and/or grim topics with Van Der Graaf Generator. His career has been a real treat to explore at a relatively slow pace, and provided some key inspiration for some of my first songs. While I don't like all his material equally (and it encompasses such a wide range that it would be difficult for anyone to accomplish that), at his best he can create a pretty immediate mood through his choices in vocal delivery and general phrasing. Bucking the expected trend of someone who's been recording for 40 years, he's made some of the best albums of his solo career in the last decade, and this tune is from one of them, Incoherence. My version takes equal grounding from the original recording as it does on the recording from his live album with violinist Stuart Gordon, Veracious.


  1. Just listened to the performance on youtube and commented there as well. Have you heard Peter's rendition on the new PNO GTR VOX live album? Adds another dimension to the song.

  2. is this Dan? I have. Still partial to the duo version on Veracious but I am growing increasingly fond of the versions of just about everything on PNO GTR VOX.