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This post is much belated, and my apologies for letting it build up in this way.

I have a few upcoming dates on the "new music-y" side of things, rather than the songwriter-y side. Tonight, April 13th, in Hartford, Broadcloth is performing a set as part of the Hartford Phase Shift series. This is our Hartford debut, despite living so damned close to the city, and we're excited. Composer/performer Ben Klein has cultivated a really nice series up there, and we're excited to be there. Tomorrow night, Ben Klein and I are doing a duo set as part of the Uncertainty Music Series. (Also on the bill is a duo of Anne Rhodes and harpist Maura Valenti, performing a set of Anthony Braxton's Ghost Trance Music.) The music I've written for this duo is rather unlike anything I've done before, focusing primarily on vocals in a way my writing hasn't for several years. It's been a blast to work on, and will be an interesting challenge, with a result I hope is intriguing. I'm also very pleased to be performing in a new quartet with the members of Not The Wind, Not the Flag and Carl Testa, which will have its debut on April 25th at Elm Bar in New Haven, as part of the ongoing biweekly Uncertainty Series installments that have been happening there. I am beyond excited for this date, and, well, more to come.

Next Thursday, April 19th, I'm performing a duo set with guitarist Chris Riggs as part of his thesis concerts. This performance will be at Wesleyan University at the CFA Hall at 9PM. Chris has a unique approach to the guitar that utilizes no pedals or shredding whatsoever, and I am greatly anticipating this date. Broadcloth will be performing with Carl Testa at the Russell House at Wesleyan on May 6th at 8PM. This will, in effect, be a preview for our June Tour, which begins the 22nd. Further details for that will definitely be forthcoming.

Broadcloth also has a new release up for digital download, an unedited set of our recent performance at The Stone. We all felt it was a really strong performance, giving an accurate representation of what we've been up to. Download it HERE, either for free or with a donation, which will go towards our tour fund.

Finally, SAVE THE DATE! "Red Giant," my short-ish opera (with libretto by Brian Slattery) is being premiered in New York on June 9th at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music. Rhymes with Opera commissioned the piece and will be performing it, along with works by George Lam/Benjamin Rogers and Kathleen Bader. The performance begins at 8PM and is part of the NYsoundCircuit Festival. RWO will be bringing an encore of that performance to New Haven the following day, June 10th, at the Big Room in New Haven, CT. More details for both as the dates approach.

Unfortunately a scheduling conflict means I won't be able to participate in the debut performance of Anne Rhodes' 8' by 2' embroidered graphic composition, but y'all should still go see it on May 5th in Hartford, if you can. End shameless plug.

Check the sidebar for other upcoming dates. I'm especially excited for the accompanied reading for Brian Slattery's new book "Lost Everything." The band will feature all of Dr. Caterwaul's as well as guitarist Jonny Rodgers and violinist Sarah Alden. Dr. Caterwauls is also working on a date to host Ben Von Wildenhaus, a VERY intriguing guitarist. And sooner, rather than later, will be the cassette release of "Seicremllams" a new EP of self-recorded An Historic material. Stay tuned, as ever.

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