Seicremllams EP Released...Digitally...

Hey all. Hope the season isn't too stressful so far. I'm here to mention that I've gotten sick of sitting on it, and have released the Seicremllams EP by An Historic - digitally, anyway.

I had been hoping to save it and release the tape and digital versions concurrently, but long story short there have been a series of unforeseen delays with the artwork that have prevented me from releasing the physical version as planned. So, rather than let it collect dust on my hard drive for over a year (like last year's Cutoff split did), I've decided to get the songs out there into the world. Seicremllams is intended to be a companion EP to an upcoming full length release (Small Mercies, recorded this summer and in the final stages of mastering right now), providing alternate versions of some of the tunes that will be on that release. This was my most focused experiment in home-recording yet, being almost completely done in two day-long sessions, so my usual desire to nit-pick to death was held back. The sound quality is a little raw but is cleaner than previous self-recorded releases, a bit more spare in the arrangements, and despite having some vocal and instrumental overdubs I think gets pretty close to my live sound, which is something previous releases have not been able to do - every song was built around a single take of vocals and accordion recorded simultaneously, and every other layer was shaped around that foundation.

The photo currently serving as artwork was shot and tweaked by Rowan Bee, from a series of photos taken at the end of last year:

So at the moment, the EP is available on my bandcamp page digitally for free/p.w.y.c. download, or streaming. I've set up a pre-order option, so if you have a cassette player and want the tape (but also want to hear it NOW NOW NOW) you can pre-order the cassette release (only 95 available) which will also guarantee you a copy of the tape when it is released, one way or the other, sometime early next year. (If necessary, I'll make my own artwork, although in this case I was hoping for some more competent artwork to include with this release.)

A Happy New Year to you all!

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