Happy New Year!

Hello All. Doing my best to be stoked about the range of possibilities on the horizon in the New Year. I've recently updated my performance schedule (in the tab along the top and in the sidebar to the right) with a bunch of things coming up for the rest of January and February. Among other things, Dr. Caterwauls is quite busy, finding that guitarist Chris Cretella's talents are put to good use with us. We'll also be performing with various bassists (notably Gary Velush and Mike Tepper, both active in various Connecticut projects) in some of the upcoming gigs, which include this Thursday in Hartford for our first time, this Sunday in Bridgeport CT and next Wednesday in Hamden, returning for a third time to Best Video which has always been a wonderful spot to play. See performances for details. We're also quite pleased to be returning to the Black Rock Rocks fundraiser on February 9th at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, with Cygnet Sister Zohra Rawling lending us her glorious coloratura soprano on some points during our set.

I'm also very pleased to announce that the An Historic trio, featuring Brian Slattery on Fiddle and Carl Testa on bass, will be performing at an installment of Carl's Uncertainty Series on February 7th at Taco Hut HQ in New Haven, alongside Jessica Pavone and C.J. Boyd, both composers and instrumentalists doing solo sets. More details on that as it approaches.

Next, the New Year brings some instances of me acting something like a "regular composer," i.e. writing stuff for other ensembles/performers. I've submitted one piece for the duo of Charlie Rauh and Concetta Abatte - details TBA on when that will be performed. And work is underway for pieces for the new music ensemble First Construction, as well as for the excellent grindcore violinist Joey Molinaro. Stay tune for information about those performances as they break.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone of the digital release of the Seicremllams EP, available HERE. And leave you all with a streaming link to a recent composition I wrote, performed by Large Objects, a new music/improv quartet also featuring Anne Rhodes, Ben Klein and Maura Valenti. This is from our debut performance back in December.

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