Tonight, I'm sitting in with Kindred Queer for the first time since November. We're opening for Rabbit in the Rye, a bluegrassy trio from upstate New York. The show will be at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT at 8PM. Progressive folky stuff, lots of harmonies on both ends. I'm pretty excited for this show. The core trio of KQ will be augmented by banjo, mandolin and bass as well as my contributions which will be a first for the group.

Next up is the Personality Swap (round 3) at Panopoly Performance Gallery, a neat event curated by cellist Valerie Kuehne. It involves getting a bunch of performers together and having them play material by each other. Other performers include Carrie-Ann Murphy, The Sneaky Mister, Alyson Greenfield, Gelsey Bell and Baxton. Quite literally anything could happen as I know very little about any of these performers, and I suppose that's part of the appeal. Wednesday, February 27th, 8PM.

There's a VERY interesting thing coming up at Cafe Nine - the Get to the Point storytelling series, hosted by Christopher Arnott, is a monthly series focusing on narratives and the art of how they are conveyed. I will be the musical guest for the March installment, dusting off an idea that was once pretty central to my creative output - I'll leave it ambiguous for now, but the date is Monday, March 4th at 8PM at Cafe Nine, and it's free!

Finally, the Seicremllams tape is now available! Get it HERE or find me at one of these shows or others on the sidebar! The run is super limited so don't wait as long to get it as I did to release it. Here's a fuzzy picture of the production line:

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