the Capital "C" Composer mask...

If you've been with me up to this point you may know that I attempt to wear several masks/hats as a means of dividing my creative output - sometimes as a songwriter, sometimes doing electronic music/production, sometimes as a performer/side-person for other people's music. Even as the lines between those categories blur and fluctuate somewhat regularly, each of them seems to get their moment over the course of a span of time. Coming up, then, is a streak of stuff related to my composition work...

First, tomorrow, March 4th, 8PM at Cafe Nine in New Haven, I'm the featured musical guest on Chris Arnott's "Get to the Point" storytelling series. I'll be performing a new work along the lines of the "Drama mit Musik" style works that have appeared sporadically throughout my composing/performing career (see THIS and THIS among them). This one will be entirely solo and acoustic, and I'll leave it at that. The series has been a joy every time I've been and if you live in the area you owe it to yourself to check this series out.

Then Next Sunday, March 10th, Matlock/Rhodes/Slattery returns to perform the Earthseed Songs on the second installment of the Sharon Arts Series, at the Sharon Arts Gallery in Peterborough, New Hampshire. As it is on a Sunday, doors are at 5:30 PM. The bill also includes Banjo Assault, the duo of Tom Crean and Matt Robidoux, as well as the duo of Miss Olivia Kennet and Ted Lee, and a performance by Mysterybear and Greg Kowalski.

Finally, on March 17th, Rhymes with Opera's second annual Salon will be happening down in Baltimore at the City Arts Gallery (440 East Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202). It's a brunch potluck so everything gets underway at 2PM. I won't be there, alas, but they are performing an excerpt of "Red Giant," the opera I composed for them last year, and if you live in the area you should definitely go check it and the rest of the program out.

In the midst of all that I'm submitting a few compositions to other performers/ensembles soon, for which I'm extremely excited. More on THAT as the details solidify.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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