A Few Updates

One of these days I'm going to run out of vague, generic titles for these blog posts...

I'm fresh off of a duo improv session with Tubist Benjamin J.M. Klein earlier this evening at the 100th installment of the Uncertainty Music Series(I performed accordion and vocals) and I'm pleased to announce that we will be recording a session tomorrow for Christopher Riggs' Holy Cheever Church label. Further details on that as I get them. I will also be recording a session with Mario Pavone in early July, for which I just got the music. Stay tuned for all that information.

This week, there are two shows of note: June 13th has me playing with Dr. Caterwauls at the Acoustic Cafe, alongside Billy Wilder and The Proud Flesh. This date is at the Acoustic Cafe down in Bridgeport, at 9PM. June 15th is the debut of a new Bernard Herrmann-inspired project with guitarist Chris Cretella, clarinetist Nathan Friedman and percussionist Michael Paolucci. This date, alongside the touring trio of guitarist Matt Delligatti, and New Haven noise artist Colorguard, has been mentioned before. What hasn't been mentioned, is that our group finally has a name - The Twisted Nerves. A direct reference to a lesser known Herrmann film that, let's be honest, you haven't seen because it's terrible, but you heard the track from it in the soundtrack to Kill Bill vol. 1. But the project is an exciting one, another long-time dream group getting its first realization. This date will be at 265 Orange St (formerly Taco Hut HQ), at 8:00 PM.

Looking ahead, plans are forming for a short New England tour of Broadcloth in August, as well as release shows for both the upcoming An Historic and Dr. Caterwaul's albums. We will, of course, be taking full advantage of cellist Nathan Bontrager's temporary return stateside for all of these things, so stay tuned for those exciting details as well. In due course we'll be previewing the artwork for these releases, as well as a few samples of tracks.

That last bit starts now, as CTIndie.com has featured a track from the upcoming An Historic full length album "Small Mercies" on their Summer 2013 "q-90 Mixtape." Click through the link for the full 4-disc/5+hour playlist.

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