Broadcloth Returns! And other events.

We are very pleased to announce that Broadcloth will be reconvening for a run of shows in August while our cellist Nathan Bontrager is back on this side of the ocean, so take a peek at the side bar for some info about those upcoming appearances. And take a peek at the Broadcloth website soon for a more thorough update on those happenings. Dr Caterwauls will be performing some music with him on August 10th at 5PM at Euphoria Salon. (I'll be out that gig in New York, see below:) Also stay tuned for info about a release show for Dr. Caterwaul's upcoming full length Songs of Mirth and Sorrow, sometime during the month of August.

Tonight, I'll be down in Brooklyn playing at the Red Hook Bait and Tackle, hosted by Myles Manley. I played an excellent show at Willimantic Records that Myles was able to get on last minute, and he played a short but sweet set. I'm excited to see him have the chance to stretch out tonight. Show starts at 8:30 PM.

On August 10th I'll be joining Rhymes with Opera on accordion, performing excerpts from my opera Red Giant which they premiered last summer. The program will also feature short pieces composed and performed by participants of their summer chamber music workshop. You can buy tickets in advance HERE.

A lot of dates on the calendar but still some details waiting to be pinned out, so consider this part one of an update for the rest of the summer. Stay cool, folks.

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