Happy New Year!

This blog update is much belated,  but the New Year seemed a fine time to get around to it.

2014 begins with a bang for me - In just two days, Rhymes with Opera's staged production of my opera Red Giant premieres in Baltimore. It's running in Baltimore at the Windup Spaceon January 11th at 9PM and January 12th at 2PM. Links provided are to RWO's online ticket outlet, and tickets are selling fast. (Plus, if you buy them ahead you get a $5 discount.) The run continues the following weekend, in Brooklyn at The Great Room at South Oxford Space, on January 18th at 8PM, and closes with a 2PM matinee on January 19th at the Barrow Mansion in Jersey City. Also on the bill is Erik Spangler's Damascus Mix. Erik is a talented turntablist and multi-instrumentalist,

There are a few supplemental links to pass along: Librettist Brian Slattery interviewed me for science fiction publisher Tor.com's blog. It gets nerdy really quickly, which should surprise no one. Finally, I did a podcast interview with Rhymes with Opera's George Lam, which you can stream below:

So this production and getting everything ready for it is what happened to me at the end of last year, and has been the focus of a lot of my attention over the last few months. There are a few other things on the calendar for this early part of the year, but look for a separate post detailing some of those.

Hope to see you for one of these performances! RWO and their production team have put a ton of work into this production and I'm extremely excited to see their vision of Red Giant.

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