Xenia Rubinos

is amazing. I've been in love with her songwriting since a friend introduced me to her a year and a half ago. Powerful vox, overdriven organ/electric piano sounds, sometimes looped, and drums. That's it.

And I'm extremely excited that An Historic (as a band) will be opening for her in New Haven on March 15th at Cafe Nine! You can purchase advance tickets AT THE MANIC PRODUCTIONS WEBSITE, and take a listen to a few tracks from her album "Magic Trix" on her Bandcamp page, below:

See what I mean?

For what it's worth, I covered one of her songs a while ago, which you can listen to here. It's a rough, low-fi recording but I was under the spell of this particular tune, Hair Receding, and jumped to document it before I could forget it. This concert will be amazing, and there are a ton of new An Historic tunes/arrangements that we've been polishing up throughout the last few months for just such an occasion. Don't miss it!


In other news - Red Giant was amazing! Rhymes with Opera is a joy to work with, and their production team did a marvelous job staging the work, making it breath as much as the singers and orchestra did. Consider supporting them, or signing up for their mailing list, or both. I said in my program notes for the piece that if opera has any future as a medium, it will be due to small companies like RWO, and I mean every word of that, both out of admiration for their work as well out of concern for the future of this historically very expensive and cost-prohibitive medium.

Also, tomorrow night (February 11th) is an An Historic solo set as part of the DrinkDeeply Funhouse at Cafe Nine. Events begin at 8:00 - there will be games, prizes, and music from myself, and a new project featuring members of Milksop:Unsung and Elison Jackson. You want to be there. I'll be back at Cafe Nine with TWO BRAND NEW SONGS on March 22nd - the rescheduled date for "All I've Got is a Photograph," which was snowed out last December. This will be your only opportunity to hear these songs with the photos that inspired them projected on me - after which, you'll just have to ask me nicely to see them, I guess?

Finally, this Saturday (February 15th) is Slavs, Klez and Friends, an annual tradition of great renown. It's a concert primarily focused on the rep of the world famous Yale Slavic Women's Chorus (only slightly less mysterious than the Bulgarian state choir) with assistance from various tenors and basses, and the Yale Klezmer Band, of which I am a part. It's a great way to forget what the hell winter is all about for a couple of hours.

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