UQC Piano Split, Vol 1.

Hi all! Next in "Things you may not have known I did because I failed to post about them anywhere but Facebook" is this split cassette of solo piano music released on Until the Quasar Cassettes. Side B is the music of the mysterious entity known as Alice Roland.

I'm not a prodigious pianist - there have only been a few times in my life when I've really regretted not doing a piano performance track in more standard classical or jazz circles. But as a teacher of the instrument who often works with students with a wide variety of interests, I find that I'm thinking about it somewhat constantly, and that even as I dive deeper into how to express myself on the accordion, I enjoy facing those same problems on the piano, especially dealing with harmony and texture and piano preparations and the like. So on the 7 compositions that make up my side of the split, I'm trying to think of the same concerns that have driven my solo accordion work of late - but since keys are the only thing the two instruments really have in common, the results are very different. I name-checked Satoko Fujii and Alice Coltrane in the credits to this release, two pianists whose voices as composers and improvisers have been extremely influential to me as I've tried to find my way.

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